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  1. Could you please give me a price of your champaigne bottle balloon arrangement and do you do clusters of balloons for table decoration, I am renewing my vows in Dymchurch in July but, we are travelling up from Manchester so I really wanted to find someone who could do my balloons in Kent.

    Look forward to your reply, thank you
    Mrs B. Robinson

  2. Hello I’m looking to decorate 22 tables and would love the champagne ballon arrangement can you email me pricing

  3. Hello my name is Norma, am having my husband a surprise birthday party and the champagne with the bubbles would for my center piece would be lovely. Could you please email me back for the prices of 13 of them.

  4. I’m interested in purchasing 4 sets & 2 additional bottles.
    Can someone please contact me.
    Can you provide a site to place a order.

  5. Yes my name is Carolyn tilley and i was wondering if you the champagne balloon decor arrangement for table centerpieces if you do what are the prices and how can i order them. Thank You

  6. Good afternoon everyone please forgive the lack of responses we have had some major problems with our website for a long time and we are finally back to trying to update the site! The champagne bottle decorations are made to be tied around a champagne bottle the customer provides so we would provide the balloon champagne bubbles to tie to the top of a bottle :) please email us at serendipityjh@aol.com if you require any further information :)

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